About Insal

Insal is a unique player in the market thanks to more than 30 years of experience in both hardware and software. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of all existing payment systems, machines, kiosks and terminals, we can offer you the best possible solution based upon your unique organization.

All our software is developed entirely in-house by a large team of developers from the mother company Alfa-Zet Systems, and can also be custom written or adapted. In this way our solutions always meet the needs of your company or organization!

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of all possible available applications, cloud-based or hosted on your own server, we can analyze your unique situation together and propose the best possible solutions.

We also have an extensive choice in hardware available and we will offer you the kiosk or machine that best suits your needs and situation.

We stand for a 'mix and match' strategy, which means that all our software can run on all hardware devices, so that you can expect a highly personalized and unique solution, fully tailored to your organization and completely from A to Z!

About Insal

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